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High Performance Leadership is the process of leading yourself with Clarity, Confidence, Connection and Charge so that you engage with your life and experience presence and joy in the most important relationships, at home and work, with excellence.

High Performance Leaders are striving to build their legacy every single day, on purpose.

Meet Lee

Lee is a High Performance Leadership Coach, a Husband, Father and a Friend.

He is one of approximately 1000 active Certified High Performance Coaches trained personally by Brendon Burchard at the High Performance Institute, has 10 years of clinical hypnotherapy experience in practice and 24 years of high performance leadership experience leading Commando Forces in the British Army.

Lee has loved teaching and coaching for decades and now Coaches the British Army's Leaders and teams, Professional Athletes and High Achieving Leaders in business and their teams, some of who you can hear from in the following pages.

He has created the Purposeful Life Planner, leads the High Performance Masters' Community and is currently writing his first book titled 'High Performance Leadership - How to lead yourself and others with Clarity, Confidence, Connection and Charge.

Lee's purpose at this stage of his life is to be loving, present and positively charged, to role model courage, kindness and personal discipline so that he leads himself and others with clarity, confidence, connection and positive charge.

Lee has known life lost quickly both as a young boy losing his mother to suicide at 15 years old and in the military in fighting operations around the world and he has learned a huge amount along the way.

Lee loves personal development and encourages his clients to make it a way of life so that they live more fully and engage with the joy of life itself.

Lee is striving to live his legacy every day, which he sees as the number of lives he touches positively and helps to liberate from fear and restriction.


Ryan McGuirk
Customer Success Lead | UK Public Sector


Lisa Jody Manser
Wellness Concepts and Strategies I Spa Business Development I Leadership I Consultancy


Andrew Johnson
Learning & Development Lead at BIM Academy

Ryan McGuirk
Customer Success Lead | UK Public Sector

Lisa Jody Manser
Wellness Concepts and Strategies I Spa Business Development I Leadership I Consultancy

Andrew Johnson
Learning & Development Lead at BIM Academy

"I can unreservedly recommend Lee to anyone who is looking for support and coaching to get them to the next level and to learn the skills and approach to be the best you can be. I get more done in less time, my business, personal and sporting life is evenly balanced, and Lee has helped me be a high performer."

Chris Barrowman - Owner, Infinity Blu Dental Group

"Lee has changed my life..... High performance coaching is amazing and has helped me to realise my potential that had been lost for a long while. I am more productive at work and more present in my personal life. I am much more aware and in control of my emotions, life is good!"

Robert Graham-Brown - Partner - Abacus Research

"As a high performance coach, there is no greater embodiment & example than Lee. I've been inspired to up my game and model his example. His boundless enthusiasm & passion for people means you cannot help but be inspired when working with him. If you get the chance to work with him, do not hesitate!"

Peter Lewis - VP of Learning at SuperNova Capital


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One to One Coaching
You are not your problem - what you have come to learn about you is likely to be a part of your problem. I accompany you on the journey of true transformation to build the habits, beliefs and mindset for you to become a High Performance Leader in your life, as a way of life. We'll discover your Clarity, Confidence, Connection and Charge and I'll show you how you keep it 

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Team Coaching
Most teams are not actually teams - they are a group of people who work at the same company. Teams have the magical ingredient of Trust bonding them together in a common purpose. I coach you and your team to build the habits and culture of high performing teams and increase your collective clarity, confidence, connection and charge so that you increase the productivity and wellbeing of your teams

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High Performance Masters' Community
A magical community of High Performance Leaders, becoming growth friends and collaborating to support each other living and leading their best lives, consistently and on purpose. I coach you live every month, drop short reflective audio fires daily direct to your phone and you gain immediate access to our video library so you can begin learning immediately with a free trial and complimentary planner if you choose to stay. Cancel anytime

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Purposeful Life Planner
The Purposeful Life Planner is a highly engineered and structured system of keeping your main priorities in your life each day. It's what we use everyday to keep ourselves performing at our best at all aspects of life and you can too.

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