Sunday Growth Audio

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High Performance Leadership
Sunday Growth Audio

Happy Sunday Strivers!

I hope you woke with a great attitude today and made the conscious choice to focus on gratitude and bring a smile to your face as you started the day.

This is the daily growth prompt audio that I sent out to our High Performance Community today where I share 3 things that really help me to deal with disappointment from being a therapist and coach for over 15 years.

I create new audios like this with new personal development topics and frameworks, every single day and you can access them free as a growth audio member of our community.

If you'd like to find out more, check out our High Performance Community page.

If you want to join a real community, with immediate positive impact, you can sign up to our full masters' membership for less that 60 pence per day!

As a masters' member you have access to:

  • Daily Growth Audios
  • My full high performance coaching programme on video with accompanying worksheets (thousands of pounds worth and growing as we add more)
  • Full...
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Let's Go 2020!

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High Performance Leadership
Let's Go 2020!

Happy Sunday Strivers!

I hope you woke with a great attitude today on the first Sunday of 2022, with an excitement and enthusiasm for the day, the week and the year in front of us.

This is the daily growth prompt audio that I sent out to our High Performance Community today and I send audios like this with new personal development topics and frameworks, every single day of the year!

If you'd like to find out more, check out our High Performance Community page.

Now is the perfect time to start winning this year, on purpose and I'd love to support you in doing it.

There's so much coaching, connection and growth here for around 60 pence per day with our annual membership plan!

Win this day, on purpose.

Speak soon,


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What is a leader?

Happy Friday!

I hope you've had a great week full of progress and you're ending the week with a great attitude!

Gr(eat) Attitude :)

A leader is a term that's thrown around so often now, it's given to people in business, in life, in sport, but what actually does it mean to be a leader?

This is something I think about a lot and try to pass on to my coaching clients and teams and this is what I think.

I think to be a leader means somebody who is engaged in the leadership process and consistently intends to engage in the leadership process.

I think that they do that despite all of the things that are coming at them from many different directions, despite people wanting their time, wanting their energy and tasks demanding their attention.

How do you know if you're engaged in the leadership process?

Here's a short video of me discussing this

Well, I have two questions for you.

The first question is one to ask of yourself.

Do you focus on the strengths of your team and openly praise those...

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Most companies who talk about high performing teams are never going to be one - here's how you can

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

Punchy statement, right?

I know it to be true based on many experiences of being in high performing teams who actually need to operate in high performance situations where life is on the line, studying other high performing teams at the highest level in sport and business, and then being involved with companies who are talking the talk but won't do the work required to walk the walk.

If you think this is a context specific thing that can't be replicated, you are wrong. It's a human connection thing, so if you have humans, you're all set!

I'll explain the factors you can learn from in this article, but before we start, if you want to know if you're in a high performing team environment ask and answer this question.

  • In an extremely difficult morally challenging situation where one of your team was in a discussion with some people that they really wanted to be accepted by, and they overheard someone bad mouthing or disrespecting you, your decisions or values, would they speak up and...
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Authentic courage free us, but you probably don't know what it is

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

You may be forgiven for thinking that courage is simply about being physically or morally brave, speaking or standing up for people or placing yourself in danger for the benefit of others.

Whilst these are important, for us to truly achieve personal freedom and show the world the best of who we are, we must go deeper into what I call 'Authentic Courage'.

My experience tells me that most people will never operate in the realms of authentic courage.

Let me explain the layers.

Physical Courage

This is arguably the easiest to understand and the easiest level to act on.

We see acts of physical courage when firefighters risk their lives to save the lives of others or soldiers run into danger far from home to keep us safe, and in many other situations.

Having been in these situations and lived in this environment I can tell you that in the moment, it comes easy.

After acts of phenomenal bravery, the person carrying out this physical courage will say 'I didn't think about it' or 'my...

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How pain shapes purpose - the hero's journey...

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

There are times in all of our lives when we feel extreme pain. Sometimes that pain is so extreme that it can shape our purpose. I feel this is true for me.

I'm captured by 'The Hero's Journey', used to create so many amazing stories from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games and many more as I can see that my story has also played out like this.

It's likely that yours has too...

My Ordinary World

This was very ordinary - I lived with my mother and step father (my biological father left before I was born) and my two younger brothers and sister in a small mining village in Wales, Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, I'm sure you've heard of it... :)))

Before this point until around age 8 or 9, I lived with my mother and my one younger brother. I have some memories of her being a very happy, smily and loving mother.

She was a hairdresser and my younger memories of home are filled with old lady's sitting in large hairdryers that seemed to cover the top half of their bodies and Barry Manilow songs filling the...

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How to develop consistency


Thank you for reading and watching, I appreciate your time and energy very much.

We've solved a major problem in personal development, which is one of consistency.

Have you ever gained momentum either in a coaching programme or personal development course only for your consistency to drop off a cliff after the programme has finished?

It happens again and again. Maybe it happened in a course with me too?

There is a small minority of people who know that true personal development is a way of life and they continue to strive and win in becoming more consistent and that's the solution we've developed in our High Performance Masters' Community.

Lots of people start with great intentions, in the New Year or New Chapter of their life and take some small action, which is all that's needed to begin change, but real behavioural change and transformation requires commitment and consistency and one of the main contributing factors is a community of people doing it together.

We're bringing...

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Your fear and freedom is in self expression

Happy Thursday!

I appreciate you and the challenges we all face every day in being our best selves. This week's post is an inventory challenge for you to gain immediate clarity on your current relationship with fear around self expression.

Fear has this tendency and ability to disguise itself, even from you, but it is easily identifiable for those who are willing to ask the right questions and find and act upon the honest answers that they find.

If you answer these questions and look for where you can act on them, you can experience some of the potential joy of personal freedom immediately.

I am not perfect or claim to have nailed everything, but I have set an intention based on a desire to break through my own barriers and to build my impact and community of like minded purpose driven people that means I experience a skilling up, what I call 'layer drops' as I continuously strive and fail to be my best self. In fact, the more I fail, the more I win.

I want to share with you a...

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Mindset - it's a daily practice of Think, Perform, Think

intention mindset planning Jul 22, 2021

Happy Thursday!

I'm sending you great vibes and energy for this new wonderful day.

Something I spend a huge amount of time on with my clients is the practice of mindset, so I'm sharing my learnings and perspective on it with you here. If you enjoy this, please share it with others who may benefit too.

You can watch me speak about this topic on video here and if you want deeper insight, read on:

Mindset is a Practice

So, a question for you now, do you currently practice Mindset as an intentional daily activity or is it something abstract to you? 

The practice of setting your mind.  Mindset is a doing word.

It is not something you have, it's something you do, and you can learn how to do it powerfully very quickly.

The way I started mindset as a practice and how my clients generally begin honing this skill is a morning and evening daily practice, which follows the principle of Think, Perform, Think.

This means that every thing you do is an opportunity to perform, not in a...

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How to deal with negative thoughts

Hi everyone,

I'm constantly engaged in the joy of helping people process their thought patterns and start harnessing the power of their minds for intentional, purposeful joy so I thought I'd share these learnings with you.

Think you’re on your own or couldn't possibly admit to that?

That’s a big mistake, it takes real courage to admit, and if it's true for you, realise that it's more common that you think.

You want to feel more positive, but generally you feel like you often put on a show that you’re in control and strong, while inside the biggest critic is at work, and you struggle to break the effect of negative thinking patterns when you go there?

It's not the critic who counts

I include the internal critic in this great quote!

Maybe you’ve learned that it’s weak to admit to something like this – again big mistake!

The most courageous and effective leaders in the military and life demonstrate courage and humility by sharing their challenges with others, it's how they grow...

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