April 21 update

our news Apr 07, 2021

Happy April!

Thanks for being a part of our community at High Performance Leadership and the first thing I must do is apologize for this long overdue update on what's been happening for us as we build.

We've been busy coaching and striving to live our legacy every single day and you're a fundamental part of that legacy, so I'm committing to updating and adding value to you every month with this blog post.

New Team

So in January, Kat, who many of you will have had the pleasure of speaking to or coaching with in our group programmes has joined me as a full time member of High Performance Leadership in the role as Head of High Performance Support.

Kat is exceeding my expectations already, and truly understands what it takes to be a high performer. She is currently jumping horses, whipping people on her bike, organising me (!) and systemising our business as well as facilitating our group programmes, training dogs, the list goes on!

Welcome Kat, and thank you.

New Values

Values are such an important way of keeping ourselves on track, and despite living the military values for over 2 decades, and discovering my own personal values over the last few years, it has taken until now for our company values to emerge.

That means that they are right and meaningful to me as they have emerged naturally over time, we'd love to know what you think...

New Courses

I have been privileged to coach close to 500 people in the last 14 months and some of you have been a part of that journey.

Our High Performance Group Coaching Programmes have continued to evolve with us, and we've now delivered 12 day, 4 week, 6 week and 12 week variants in addition to my 121 client work. Our clients are creating powerful transformative effect consistently, which is AMAZING!

We've found our sweet spot and have learned that a mix of military, veteran, business leaders and athletes brings in such a powerful dynamic, as they all share a common bond in values, striving for high performance and add so much perspective to each other.

Our next programme has a couple of places remaining and is a mix of all of the above, so we're excited to start with them on 13 April 21. If you want to join us, reach out to Kat this week at [email protected] and let us know... We'd love to welcome you in.

New Clients

We've won the contract to coach The Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Munitions and Search Training Regiment (DEMS Training Regiment).

We're coaching the leadership team and selected training teams in High Performance this year, and we're excited to be working with these military high performers to unlock even more of their potential and effect.

We're also very excited to be supporting Ruth Astle in chasing her dreams in Ironman.

Ruth is the Florida Ironman bike course record holder, the age group world champion 2019 and is scheduled to race in the Kona World Championships as a Pro in October 21.

Follow Ruth on Instagram  or You Tube to see her journey unfold - next stop Ironman Tulsa in May 21. She is a WEAPON and an amazing person.

New Purposeful Life Planner

We have launched and are already at the first revision of the Purposeful Life Planner.

This was an idea in my mind just a few months ago and the journey of creating it for myself and the world has been amazing!

It keeps us reminded and focused in the most important areas and relationships in our lives and supports our continued self awareness and growth.

Thank you to those of you who've provided feedback, which has been included in the updated version. You can order your copy of the Purposeful Life Planner here. A 'how to' series will be created soon with my lessons of how to use it best from my own experience.

Podcast guest

I've thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on 5 amazing podcasts in the last few months:

  • Building Business Resilience with Gareth Shears & Shane Hyland
  • The Future of Work with Lucy Barkas,
  • Round hole, square pegs with Sebastian Bates
  • The Journey Podcast with Russell Hewes
  • Rethinking Leadership with Jude Jennison
  • and we have another scheduled this month on The Voice for Good Podcast with Elliot.

I am actively pursuing more podcasting opportunities with people who fit with our message and values, so if you have any recommendations or have your own podcast where our message would benefit your listeners, please let us know. 

You can check out the latest shows I've been on here Podcast episodes (they are being uploaded, so keep checking in for new episodes).

New Mastery Group

I learned from some of your feedback that many people found they were losing some momentum with their high performance habits after completing the initial coaching course, so I created the High Performance Mastery Group.

We have 30 amazing members from across our key client base (military, veteran, business and athletes) and we've met live online once per month, since beginning in Jan 21. They are supporting each other in amazing ways and we're building high performance effect every month.

We've deepened the first 4 core sessions, and have had some excellent high performing key people of influence join us and add their unique perspectives as guest speakers.

If you've completed the 'Core Sessions' with us, and want to join our high performance community of amazingly supportive people, reach out to us by email and we'll invite you to join.

Re certified in High Performance 

I joined Brendon Burchard and many other Certified High Performance Coaches in Mar 21 to re certify as a high performance coach and unlock the 'Declaration Sessions'.

We are now able to coach through 3 levels of high performance covering 36 highly engineered coaching sessions, from the 'Core' sessions, onto the 'Charge' Sessions and now the 'Declaration' Sessions.

Continued personal and professional development is central to how I strive to be my best as a coach and in the other important roles of my life and I'll continue to live the high performance experience in my own growth so that I can serve others in the most effective way.

Dent Global and first book

I also invested in my own business coaching with Daniel Priestly and Dent Global in October 20 and am part of their 12 month Key Person of Influence Accelerator, which among other amazing things has led to meeting some amazing people and beginning to write my first book!

I'm excited to be on this journey as an author and I'm committed to having published my first book before the end of 2021, so watch this space, it's going to be another way of me supporting people to maintain their high performance life across all domains with my new HABITS Process...

Webinar rhythm

Finally, we have started a new monthly rhythm of delivering our webinar, so if you want to find out how our coaching programmes and services are evolving or you're ready to get involved either for the first time or as a graduate, as an individual or as part of your team, why not join us?

We always appreciate your support in sharing our services and introducing new people to our purpose, so that we can continue spreading our effect into their lives and that of their families. 

So, that's Quarter 1

So, quarter 1 has been highly productive, effective and an absolute blast! I've loved pushing out of my own comfort zone and growing and supporting so many others to do the same.

Until next time, have an amazing month, on purpose.

If you want to get involved with our work, reach out to Kat for support at [email protected] 

Lee and Kat.

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