Deep work vs Shallow work & how to work deeply


Hello again,  I have 4 more of my top strategies to maintain high effectiveness & productivity working from home (or anywhere!)

1st understand 'Deep Work' - A state of distraction free concentration where we push our cognitive limits and create real value for the world and skill up


'Shallow Work' - Non cognitively demanding, logistical style tasks frequently performed whilst distracted, adding no real value & not a stretch, with frequent breaks for quick hits of more distraction!

Problem? If we stay in a frenetic state of shallowness, we permanently lose our capacity to perform deep work!

4 powerful strategies I use:

1 - Scheduling with family so we are present in important roles including deep work

2 - Establish interruption rules with children (and others!)

3 - Prepare basic things - meals, when & how we exercise, what clothes we wear when, so not losing valuable thinking energy

4 - Establish discipline routines around social media & email & have the controls to maintain them

Watch last week's post for another 3 powerful strategies.

Have an amazing week, on purpose!



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