How effective coaching should work


Good morning!

I hope you are very well and have had a great weekend.

I'd love you to think about what discussions or questions you need to ask yourself, and what decisions you could make this week to move your life forward in some way, whether personal or professional, or both!

With effective coaching, you should experience these 3 things every time:

1 - Discussion - You should have targeted, collaborative & powerful discussions and questions that lead to

2 - Discovery - You should learn something meaningful about yourself that you didn't realise and that you can act on immediately to make

3 - Decisions - You should be supported in making decisions that lead to effective action and a tangible and recognisable increase in performance and effect in your life

I'd love you to join me this Fri 7 August at 1130 BST and each month, where I'll coach you to discover how you can act on the science of high performance to significantly impact your life and the lives of your family, friends and colleagues.

Register for the next one here and find out more at this link and please share with your friends and people if you are in business, it's an action that can cause huge ripple effect in someone's life.

Have a great week, on purpose.


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