How to develop consistency


Thank you for reading and watching, I appreciate your time and energy very much.

We've solved a major problem in personal development, which is one of consistency.

Have you ever gained momentum either in a coaching programme or personal development course only for your consistency to drop off a cliff after the programme has finished?

It happens again and again. Maybe it happened in a course with me too?

There is a small minority of people who know that true personal development is a way of life and they continue to strive and win in becoming more consistent and that's the solution we've developed in our High Performance Masters' Community.

Lots of people start with great intentions, in the New Year or New Chapter of their life and take some small action, which is all that's needed to begin change, but real behavioural change and transformation requires commitment and consistency and one of the main contributing factors is a community of people doing it together.

We're bringing structure and focus to personal development and you get the tools in my Purposeful Life Planner as a gift for joining us to get you started. 

This will put the reminders, routines and mindset practices in front of you so that you can begin skilling up in these critical areas and learn about yourself as a daily habit. In fact, me myself and others have told me the difference having the planner with them makes to the way they feel high performing or not.

We meet live every month online for 90 mins of highly focused coaching and development focused specifically on how you bring high performance consistency to life with a real focus on high performance leadership.

You get access to our community members' area with all of the video replays of this year and all of the worksheets for you to refocus and deepen your development.

Our members are high performing leaders from the military, industry and sport who are striving to maintain their performance across all aspects of their lives, so that they can enjoy each day fully and get to the end with a real sense of pride in having strived to live their best life, to have lived their legacy.

This community is one of my main focus areas to develop and support and I'd love to invite you to join us as we strive for more connection, more presence, more joy and more performance in our lives, together.

You can try us out and see our own journey of development from the first call at the beginning of the year where I was clearly excited about building something special. 

Listen to:

  • Teresa Boughey, author of 'Closing the Gap - 5 steps to build an inclusive culture'  share her wisdom on Inclusion and Diversity
  • Jude Jennison, author of 3 books, share her wisdom on Leading though uncertainty
  • Lucy Barkas, author of 'LeaderX' - 5 steps for Generation X to step up, take control and lead with impact', share her wisdom of leading through the generational gap
  • Chet Morjaria, author of 'Work worth doing - Align your value with your values and make a meaningful mark on the world' share his wisdom on, well, work worth doing

As well as gaining access to the full high performance coaching curriculum with me.

We're moving through the

  • Core High Performance Coaching sessions

  • Charge sessions focussed on the 10 human drives that make us feel alive

  • Declaration sessions to move beyond fear and to sustained motivation to personal freedom

  • High Performance Leadership sessions to build in the E6 framework of what leaders actually do to Envision, Enlist, Embody, Empower, Evaluate and Encourage to lead themselves and others to higher performance.

You can discover this framework in a short video from its founder, Brendon Burchard, at the link here: 

What Leaders Actually Do

 You can test us out with a free trial now so I encourage you to do so while it lasts

I will be closing this opportunity for new members shortly, not to promote a fear of missing out for you, but to ensure we build this community properly step by step, so join us today and test us out.

I have come to respect each day as a brand new opportunity to live life fully, to love people and to make a positive impact, and I realise that each day is a new opportunity to refocus on building your habits. 

I hope to serve you soon, thank you.

Have an amazing day, on purpose.


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Here's the link to our High Performance Masters' Community page again.


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