Set your focus on beauty & appreciation


Happy Monday to you!

I have just returned from a week off in the Yorkshire Dales & am feeling full of appreciation & beauty for my life & for you that read these posts & watch these videos - I hope they serve you & would love to hear how. 

Hit reply & let me know how they're landing for you.

In this short video I challenge you to set your focus on beauty & appreciation this week, literally set your focus like a switch, on purpose.

Beauty is always present, as is our ability to appreciate it - why not take a moment now & try to set your focus on something beautiful, your breath, a flower, silence, the sky above, people in your life, yourself - focus on the beauty of you for a moment... Can you? What does it feel like?

Beauty is everywhere & we can choose to focus on it.

Viktor Frankl taught us about the last of the human freedoms, our ability to choose our own attitude, despite circumstances.

He & others in the concentration camps trained themselves to see the beauty around them despite the horror that surrounded them.

If we focus on ugliness, we attract ugliness into our minds, into our emotions, ultimately into our lives.

When we set our focus on beauty & appreciation, we see it, & we can transcend any circumstance & create a beautiful experience of life.


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