The power of your shutdown routine



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Do you ever find yourself struggling to switch off from work at the end of the day?

Do you find yourself ‘just checking my emails’, thinking about unfinished tasks or going back to your work in the evenings or weekends and then vowing to be more disciplined tomorrow? 

If you do, you’ll realise that this is ineffective and it’s not because you’re rubbish or a failure, you are subject to the ‘Zeigarnik effect’, which describes the ability for unfinished tasks to dominate attention, so if professional issues are left unresolved, they’ll keep battling with the power of your mind for your attention, a battle they’ll often win.

Watch the video with sound to experience a simple and powerful example of the Zeigarnik effect. 

It’s evident in social media design, cliff hangars at the end of a chapter or episode on Netflix and many other areas. 

Your answer is to harness the power of the Zeigarnik effect for yourself with commitment to an end of day shut down routine. 

Here’s my shutdown routine that I go through at the end of the working day/week it is simple and really powerful:

1 – Final email and LinkedIn message check for anything important to me requiring an urgent response.

2 – Check of tasks for the day and their state of progress – anything unresolved is allocated a block of time in the future.

3 – Check the plan for the next working day and ensure my mind is clear about the plan and what’s important for tomorrow.

4 – Walk outside for 20 – 30 mins – sometimes with my boys, the dog and occasionally catch up on the phone with friends (not work). This is a physical time and space separation from work and part of the transition.

5 – Say my shutdown phrase, which for me is ‘Shutdown complete’. Feel good about it and set the next time in my mind that I can use the internet and work.

 I’d love you to create and commit to your own shutdown routine for a couple of weeks and see what differences you notice in your engagement and presence in other areas of your life and your energy and happiness. 

Let me know what you think and how this post resonates with you.

Please share my work with other people to help me to make more positive and lasting effect in people's lives.

Thank you!

Have an amazing week ahead, on purpose.



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