What do you love about yourself?

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

Good morning to you wonderful people!

Thank you for reading, watching and supporting my purpose to make a positive and lasting impact on people, I appreciate you very much.

So, one of my goals to achieve before the end of 2020 is to create and produce my own 'Purposeful Life Planner', both for me and other people to use to live their lives on purpose.

I have used planners in different variations for a long time and they are excellent to maintain your focus and performance and through this I have learned exactly how I like to have my days and weeks planned out.

One of the most important things they do is allow you to ask yourself certain 'priming' questions to start your day on purpose as well as targeted reflection questions to learn from each day and move forward.

So, one of my favourite questions to ask myself each morning as part of my 'Morning Intentions for a Purposeful Day' is:

What do you love about yourself?

This may sound strange or egotistical or even awkward to some of you but it is not, it is just different to what most people ask themselves generally, but there is real power in questions just waiting for you to take.

The reason I feel this question is important for you and I to ask ourselves every morning is because I have learned from working with lot of people over more than 10 years of coaching and personal development that most people have not learned to appreciate their efforts or themselves.

The problem is that many people link the way they feel to outcomes or reactions from others and this means they are out of control of themselves.

They say 'if that goes well, I'll feel great!' but consequently, if it doesn't go well, they feel bad.

We need to learn to appreciate and link the way we feel to our efforts not outcomes.

Then, we are actually in control and can choose to feel good.

Some of the answers I got from myself last week were:

That I care about strengthening my relationships with my children and wife

That I am helping and love to help people change their lives up in positive ways

This morning I wrote:

That I never give up looking for the third door (an excellent book by Alex Banayan).

When we recognise what we love about ourselves, write it down and feel it, we learn to feel good about ourselves and our efforts and bring our feelings under our own control, where they belong.

So, what do you love about yourself?

Take a moment to see what you can find, write it down and feel good about yourself.

I'd love to know what you think about this question, let me know?

So, on to another week of living on purpose, have an amazing one, on purpose.



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