Your fear and freedom is in self expression

Happy Thursday!

I appreciate you and the challenges we all face every day in being our best selves. This week's post is an inventory challenge for you to gain immediate clarity on your current relationship with fear around self expression.

Fear has this tendency and ability to disguise itself, even from you, but it is easily identifiable for those who are willing to ask the right questions and find and act upon the honest answers that they find.

If you answer these questions and look for where you can act on them, you can experience some of the potential joy of personal freedom immediately.

I am not perfect or claim to have nailed everything, but I have set an intention based on a desire to break through my own barriers and to build my impact and community of like minded purpose driven people that means I experience a skilling up, what I call 'layer drops' as I continuously strive and fail to be my best self. In fact, the more I fail, the more I win.

I want to share with you a...

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