Let's Go 2020!

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High Performance Leadership
Let's Go 2020!

Happy Sunday Strivers!

I hope you woke with a great attitude today on the first Sunday of 2022, with an excitement and enthusiasm for the day, the week and the year in front of us.

This is the daily growth prompt audio that I sent out to our High Performance Community today and I send audios like this with new personal development topics and frameworks, every single day of the year!

If you'd like to find out more, check out our High Performance Community page.

Now is the perfect time to start winning this year, on purpose and I'd love to support you in doing it.

There's so much coaching, connection and growth here for around 60 pence per day with our annual membership plan!

Win this day, on purpose.

Speak soon,


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My 3 most effective strategies for productivity and effectiveness


Happy Monday!

As many of you are working from home more than before, I thought I'd share the 3 most effective strategies I use to remain very effective when working, whether from home, or anywhere else!

Clearly home does have some extra distraction opportunities and complications, such as the children needing/wanting you and I will cover those in another video.

If you want to be effective in the most important things, do these:

1 - Understand what output/outcome you want to achieve as the most important priority and make sure you plan to spend quality time in that work without distraction.

2 - Set a 'Friday Finisher' list. on a Sunday as I plan out my week, I create a list of things that I am striving to achieve by Friday and use this for my motivation and keeping my focus on important things (this isn't the same as the everything people want me to do list).

3 - Work in 50 min blocks of time and be disciplined with your 'performance pitstops'. Literally, set a timer for 50 mins,...

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