What is a leader?

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A leader is a term that's thrown around so often now, it's given to people in business, in life, in sport, but what actually does it mean to be a leader?

This is something I think about a lot and try to pass on to my coaching clients and teams and this is what I think.

I think to be a leader means somebody who is engaged in the leadership process and consistently intends to engage in the leadership process.

I think that they do that despite all of the things that are coming at them from many different directions, despite people wanting their time, wanting their energy and tasks demanding their attention.

How do you know if you're engaged in the leadership process?

Here's a short video of me discussing this

Well, I have two questions for you.

The first question is one to ask of yourself.

Do you focus on the strengths of your team and openly praise those...

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Can a coach switch to tell mode?

Absolutely, 100 percent, yes, they can, but only when certain conditions exist!

You may have the complete opposite opinion, and if you do, of course you’re entitled to it.

Some coaches (and coaching organisations) claim that we shouldn’t tell our clients what to do in any circumstance, rather we should limit our interactions only to questions that allow the client to think and gain insight. 

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Whilst, generally a good basic rule of thumb, this dogmatic approach, in my opinion and significant experience, misses a vital point and opportunities for growth.

You may be reading this, take a look at my background in the military and conclude that I’m one of those types! 

A dictator, probably sporting a large handlebar moustache who shouts a lot (I did have a pace stick in the military, but it’s on my window sill now and I look terrible with a moustache!)

A critical skill as a leader or coach is listening to what the person is actually saying and trying to...
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What the British Army are learning about Coaching - and you can too!

Thank you for reading!

I am in the privileged position to be coaching leaders  from the British Army in High Performance, and have coached 300 officers and soldiers in group coaching this year. 


Their seniority ranges from strategic - Colonel (responsible for circa. 2100 soldiers and officers) to tactical - the soldier on the ground. This is a unique insight into the minds of exceptional military leaders who live and breathe leadership as a life choice every single day.


You may think that coaching is a ‘soft skill’ and takes a long time to be effective and both of those ideas are a mistake. If this is your experience, I challenge you to read on and gain new perspectives other than your own.


Coaching can be a powerful precision weapon when guided by a skilled and experienced coach with a highly engineered process.

 Lee Evans


I asked some of these military leaders to share their top insights about coaching from their experience of...

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