Mindset - it's a daily practice of Think, Perform, Think

intention mindset planning Jul 22, 2021

Happy Thursday!

I'm sending you great vibes and energy for this new wonderful day.

Something I spend a huge amount of time on with my clients is the practice of mindset, so I'm sharing my learnings and perspective on it with you here. If you enjoy this, please share it with others who may benefit too.

You can watch me speak about this topic on video here and if you want deeper insight, read on:

Mindset is a Practice

So, a question for you now, do you currently practice Mindset as an intentional daily activity or is it something abstract to you? 

The practice of setting your mind.  Mindset is a doing word.

It is not something you have, it's something you do, and you can learn how to do it powerfully very quickly.

The way I started mindset as a practice and how my clients generally begin honing this skill is a morning and evening daily practice, which follows the principle of Think, Perform, Think.

This means that every thing you do is an opportunity to perform, not in a...

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How to deal with negative thoughts

Hi everyone,

I'm constantly engaged in the joy of helping people process their thought patterns and start harnessing the power of their minds for intentional, purposeful joy so I thought I'd share these learnings with you.

Think you’re on your own or couldn't possibly admit to that?

That’s a big mistake, it takes real courage to admit, and if it's true for you, realise that it's more common that you think.

You want to feel more positive, but generally you feel like you often put on a show that you’re in control and strong, while inside the biggest critic is at work, and you struggle to break the effect of negative thinking patterns when you go there?

It's not the critic who counts

I include the internal critic in this great quote!

Maybe you’ve learned that it’s weak to admit to something like this – again big mistake!

The most courageous and effective leaders in the military and life demonstrate courage and humility by sharing their challenges with others, it's how they grow...

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Set your focus on beauty & appreciation


Happy Monday to you!

I have just returned from a week off in the Yorkshire Dales & am feeling full of appreciation & beauty for my life & for you that read these posts & watch these videos - I hope they serve you & would love to hear how. 

Hit reply & let me know how they're landing for you.

In this short video I challenge you to set your focus on beauty & appreciation this week, literally set your focus like a switch, on purpose.

Beauty is always present, as is our ability to appreciate it - why not take a moment now & try to set your focus on something beautiful, your breath, a flower, silence, the sky above, people in your life, yourself - focus on the beauty of you for a moment... Can you? What does it feel like?

Beauty is everywhere & we can choose to focus on it.

Viktor Frankl taught us about the last of the human freedoms, our ability to choose our own attitude, despite circumstances.

He & others in the concentration camps trained...

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The power of your shutdown routine



Thank you for your time, I value you and I aim to really help you in these posts.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to switch off from work at the end of the day?

Do you find yourself ‘just checking my emails’, thinking about unfinished tasks or going back to your work in the evenings or weekends and then vowing to be more disciplined tomorrow? 

If you do, you’ll realise that this is ineffective and it’s not because you’re rubbish or a failure, you are subject to the ‘Zeigarnik effect’, which describes the ability for unfinished tasks to dominate attention, so if professional issues are left unresolved, they’ll keep battling with the power of your mind for your attention, a battle they’ll often win.

Watch the video with sound to experience a simple and powerful example of the Zeigarnik effect. 

It’s evident in social media design, cliff hangars at the end of a chapter or episode on Netflix and many other...

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