How to deal with negative thoughts

Hi everyone,

I'm constantly engaged in the joy of helping people process their thought patterns and start harnessing the power of their minds for intentional, purposeful joy so I thought I'd share these learnings with you.

Think you’re on your own or couldn't possibly admit to that?

That’s a big mistake, it takes real courage to admit, and if it's true for you, realise that it's more common that you think.

You want to feel more positive, but generally you feel like you often put on a show that you’re in control and strong, while inside the biggest critic is at work, and you struggle to break the effect of negative thinking patterns when you go there?

It's not the critic who counts

I include the internal critic in this great quote!

Maybe you’ve learned that it’s weak to admit to something like this – again big mistake!

The most courageous and effective leaders in the military and life demonstrate courage and humility by sharing their challenges with others, it's how they grow...

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