April 21 update

our news Apr 07, 2021

Happy April!

Thanks for being a part of our community at High Performance Leadership and the first thing I must do is apologize for this long overdue update on what's been happening for us as we build.

We've been busy coaching and striving to live our legacy every single day and you're a fundamental part of that legacy, so I'm committing to updating and adding value to you every month with this blog post.

New Team

So in January, Kat, who many of you will have had the pleasure of speaking to or coaching with in our group programmes has joined me as a full time member of High Performance Leadership in the role as Head of High Performance Support.

Kat is exceeding my expectations already, and truly understands what it takes to be a high performer. She is currently jumping horses, whipping people on her bike, organising me (!) and systemising our business as well as facilitating our group programmes, training dogs, the list goes on!

Welcome Kat, and thank you.

New Values


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