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Our purpose is to positively impact people everyday, which is why we have created and will continue to build our free High Performance Resource area for you. Here you will find gifts and tools to help you make discoveries in your life, act upon them and start your journey towards high performance living

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Let me remind you to focus on a different topic in your personal development every single day with these daily audio 🔥. This is how we transform and make personal development a way of life..

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High Performance Leadership

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This is an inspiring, heart-warming and humble episode as Lee talks candidly about dealing with the tragic death of his mother at 15 years old, his career as a Commando in the British Army and his passion for serving and helping others win the game of life. What is High Performance? How do we as leaders, as humans, strive to win at life and not fall foul of the curse of the high achiever? Lee explains that High Performance Leadership is about the commitment, the skill set and the ability for you to lead yourself, well before you attempt to lead others and that the single most powerful ingredient for a High Performing Team is Trust. Lee has an infrastructure for all the critical elements of his life such as his energy, mindset, effectiveness, productivity, communication and more. Listen to his advice for mindset as he reminds us of the need to think, perform and then think again on a daily basis. Change will always be hard but the process of creating new triggers complemented by new routines and rewards can allow us to embrace and consolidate effective habit change. Don’t miss this episode.

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Rethinking Leadership

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I join Jude Jennison, founder of Leaders by Nature and best selling author of a number of books to discuss leadership, values and what we think the future of leadership needs.


The Journey Podcast

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I join Russell Hewes to talk about my journey into the power of the mind. We start when I was a child and Russell effortlessly guides me through my life towards purpose. We even had a dance at the end with my Music, Movement, Mindset framework to choose your feelings and set your mind.


Leader X

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I join Lucy Barkas, founder and Best Selling Author of Leader X to discuss how to actually live values, the power of trust to cross all boundaries and more. I loved this podcast and look forward to contributing again in the future. You can check out Lucy's work at https://www.3wh.uk.com/


Building Business Resilience

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I join Gareth and Shane to discuss habits, purpose and how to maintain your focus and joy when things are tough, I loved this episode and look forward to joining them again in the future. Check out their episodes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/building-business-resilience/id1512924823

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High achievement Vs High Performance on the 'Two Reds' Podcast in lockdown 1.0

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Listen to how Lee describes the difference between high achievement and high performance and offers a huge variety of strategies to keep you living and loving your life fully, on purpose, no matter what's going on in the world!

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Our High Performance Rules of Productivity 

If you want to be more focussed, clear and effective, you need to generate and support your energy, have the courage to go for things and then apply our 12 Rules of Productivity 

Our 12 Rules of Productivity

If you struggle to sleep, your help is here

Sleep makes you live longer, enhances your memory, makes you more creative, attractive, lowers food cravings, protects you from cancer, dementia, wards off colds, lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke and diabetes! It even makes you happier, less depressed and less anxious. You deserve to sleep well and I can show you how to enhance your sleep today!

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