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10/10. I would highly recommend this programme, it is hugely motivational! Lee genuinely cares about you and you are heard, even in a group. I have taken responsibility, I am more confident in my mindset and I'm working smarter. Things I have avoided are moving forward!

Bianca Jones

I was a sceptic at the start, I was wrong. Immediately, this programme tuned me into skills, thought processes and ideas that I had never realised or thought of. It's clear that Lee is fully invested in you as a person and your development. Pretty simple advice from me, this will definitely improve your personal and professional life.

Lee Payne

This has really helped with personal and work aspects, it’s pretty much a game changer for me. I feel like a Loreal advert (Cos I’m worth it), It seems you came into my life at exactly the right time! I am a lot more emotionally present and am building better relationships. It just felt that as soon as home life was settled, work life was also easier. It's a balance thing.

Katie Wilkinson

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