Purposeful Life Planner by Lee Evans

To keep the main things, the main things

Take the High Performance Leadership Scorecard and measure yourself against the worlds’ top performers

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

Zig Ziglar - American author, salesman, and motivational speaker

The Most Important Tool for Your High Performance Life

The Purposeful Life Planner is a highly engineered and structured system of keeping your main priorities in your life each day. It's what we use everyday to keep ourselves performing at our best at all aspects of life and you can too.

  • Get to your personal and professional life goals everyday

  • Create effective "4-way" planning for each week

  • Work in optimised, focussed blocks of time

  • Release tension throughout the day

  • Optimise and protect your energy

  • Set your mindset each day

  • Practice gratitude and reflection habits

  • Practice Shut Down routines for optimal sleep

  • Build resilience to everyday stressors

  • Remind yourself to live and do your values

  • Keep yourself accountable to your values and purpose

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Your "to do" list is your failure list

Failing to get the list done at the end of the day, week, is a huge source of frustration and negative self talk.

We end up with a growing list and reinforcing the false belief that we're failing and a failure.

Bring structure to your days and life and start to win, everyday, on purpose.

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Start your day on purpose, set your mind and schedule your priorities first

Keep reminders, daily notes and your priorities in focus and learn about yourself more each day

Weekly reflection
Focus quickly on the important things you've learned and get better each week

High Performance Rules of Productivity

Download our free gift to you, our High Performance Rules of Productivity. Our Planner works in conjunction with our 12 Productivity rules, and when applied they are proven to make you more productive and effective, in all of your roles. Have a look and see how these align with the Planner content below.

Rules of Productivity

You have to start become great
This is how we do it!

The most important project reminders

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Key areas to focus this week
Set your Friday finishers

Why I created this planner
I created this planner so we have a powerful system to organise and prioritise the most important things in our lives and to ensure we keep living and loving our lives, fully, on purpose despite the many distractions
I have included the routines, reminders and practices of planning and reflection that keep me striving for the high performance experience and if you're like me, striving to be your best every single day, I know it'll serve you too!

Measurable Effect

We can prove that you will be happier, more energised, more productive and effective using the Purposeful Life Planner combined with our Rules of Productivity, Mindset and Energy habits.

We calculate performance gains for each person we coach through High Performance, our data shows that on average PRODUCTIVITY for each person has increased by 21%, equating to a time saving of 8.5hrs during their week.

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